Arizona Revised Statutes

ARS Title 10; Corporations and Associations (Index)

Chapter 30 - Members Meetings and Voting- Nonprofit Corporations
10-3708- Members' Meetings and Voting -Nonprofit Corporations
10-3720- Members' List for Meeting -Nonprofit Corporations

Chapter 31 - Directors and Officers- Nonprofit Corporations
10-3803. Number of directors
10-3805- Terms of directors generally

Chapter 33 - Amendment of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws-Nonprofit Corporations
10-11021- Amendment by board of directors or members

10-11601- Corporate Records
10-11602- Inspection of records by members; applicability

ARS Title 33; Property (Index)

Chapter 4 - Conveyances and Deeds
Article 3, Rules of Construction and Interpretation
33-439- Restrictions on installation or use of solar energy devices invalid; exception

Chapter 9 - Condominiums
33-1202- Definitions

33-1250- Voting; proxies; absentee ballots; applicability; definition
Rental property; unit owner and agent information; fee; disclosure

Chapter 16 - Planned Communities
33-1802- Definitions
33-1803. Assessment limitation; penalties; notice to member of violation
33-1806- Resale of units; info required;...
33-1806.01- Rental property; member and agent information; fee; disclosure
33-1810- Board of Directors; Annual Audit
33-1812- Proxies, Absentee Ballots, Definitions
33-1816- Solar energy devices; reasonable restrictions; fees and costs
33-1817- Declaration amendment; design, architectural committees; review

Chapter 20 - Timeshare Owners' Asso. and Mgt. Act
33-2204- Powers of board; limitations; period of developer control; election of directors and officers; removal of directors

ARS Title 44; Trade and Commerce (Index)

Chapter 11 - Regulations Concerning Particular Businesses
44-1761- Definitions (Solar Energy Devices)